Maine Cannabis Packaging Laws

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Maine State Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Laws and Requirements

Cannabis or hemp, essentially being the same type of plant, is allowed to be cultivated expansively across the U.S after the 2018 farm bill. After the much-awaited legal go-ahead, Cannabis and its derived products have to follow the state-wise Cannabis packaging Laws and labeling requirements.

Every state has its autonomous Cannabis laws and regulations, from harvesting to selling Cannabis-based products and even transporting the Cannabis products across the state lines. With that said, an important factor cannot be missed, i.e., knowing the universal Cannabis packaging and labeling laws.

Yes, it’s true! The slightest negligence or non-compliance to Cannabis packaging Laws and labeling requirements can land the seller into great trouble. And in this particular case, trouble means license cancellation, a hefty fine, or even jail.

For your anticipated Hows and Whys, keep reading.

In this article, we will focus on Maine State Cannabis packaging Laws and labeling requirements, especially the Maine Caregivers (the people who need to adhere to these laws). This will also give us an idea of the regulations in all the states that have allowed Cannabis’ recreational or medicinal use. 

Unfortunately, Cannabis is still illegal federally. So unless you live in a state where Cannabis programs are legal, growing Cannabis and selling the derived products could mean jail.

So how do I know which states are most or least restrictive for cannabis packaging regulations? Well, Cannabis laws are evolving each day, and so far, the least restrictive states are Arizona, Delaware, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont, whereas the most restrictive are California, Alaska, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

These are the following crucial factors around which State-by-state guidelines on cannabis and cannabis products mainly revolves and may vary:

  • Child-proof packaging
  • Tamper-proof packaging
  • Re-sealable packaging
  • Mandatory Universal logo/symbol
  • Optional “Not Safe for Kids” logo
  • Dimensions and color of the logo
  • The minimum amount or net weight of the package
  • The license number of the cultivation facility
  • THC potency info
  • Other additive or contaminants info on the label

Maine’s Cannabis packaging Laws and labeling requirements.

The Maine state follows strict compliance to the state laws and regulations for the dispensing of Marijuana and derived products. The Maine state’s caregivers and dispensaries also make sure that the product is being dispensed to a qualifying patient only.

Maine’s Universal Symbol

Maine Universal SymbolIf we talk about package identification, the icon or logo is the first indicator to separate a Cannabis packed package from the regular ones. In order to indicate that a consignment holds Marijuana, Maine State’s Cannabis Labeling requirements directs all the sellers to follow two symbols to label the packages or containers. 

One is their universal symbol which is mandatory to slap on each Cannabis parcel. It features a red triangle over a bed of black colored text that says ‘Contains THC,’ stamped with a black Marijuana leaf in the center. The other symbol is optional though equally important that says “Not Safe for Kids” and is enclosed in a red hexagon.

Not Safe for Kids - OptionalThe color and size of the symbol are very important to avoid confusion and reflect that full compliance is followed in labeling. When used on the marketing layer, both the universal and optional symbols/ icons must be reproduced in black and red.

  • Black (CMYK color scheme): 0, 0, 0, 100
  • Red (CMYK color scheme): 0, 95, 100, 0
  • Red (Pantone color scheme): PMS 485

Maine State’s Cannabis labeling requirements also follow a predefined size for both the logos. Both the symbols may appear no smaller than half an inch by half an inch.

Maine’s Packing and labeling logo size: 0.5″ x 0.5″

Maine’s Edible Marijuana Product logo size: At least 25 percent of the servings’ height and width, but not less than 0.25″ x 0.25″

It is not acceptable in Marijuana Legalization Act to use a logo that is recreated, distorted, pixelated, and stretched. In order to follow full compliance, you are also required not to change the color of the icon or use it on a dark background.

Just to worry less about logos, use the downloadable versions of the universal symbols available on the Maine Govt. website.

Maine’s Cannabis Labeling requirements

The adult-use Cannabis and its derived products must be labeled with the following information:

  • The license number of the products manufacturing and cultivation facility, the Cannabis store where the product was cultivated or manufactured and offered for sale.
  • A net weight statement.
  • The batch number.
  • A universal symbol, identity statement, and warning labels.
  • THC potency information of the adult-use Cannabis products and the potency of other such cannabinoids or other chemicals and additives in the Cannabis/Marijuana products.
  • THC and CBD amount and its information on per serving of the adult-use Cannabis products, and for the derived edibles (gummies, tinctures, oils, etc.), the number of servings per package;
  • The amount of marijuana concentrate per serving in all the adult-use Cannabis products measured in grams, and the amount of marijuana concentrate per package measured in grams.
  • A list of ingredients and possible allergens and a recommended use date or expiration date on adult-use Marijuana products.
  • Detailed information on gases, solvents, or chemicals used in marijuana extraction.
  • A nutritional fact panel for all the edibles Marijuana products.
  • A user guide with complete instructions on usage of the products.
  • Any other relevant information required by the department by rule.

Maine’s Cannabis Packaging requirements

All adult-use Cannabis/Marijuana products must be packaged following the guidelines mentioned below.

  • The adult-use Marijuana and its derived products must be packed in a Child-proof, Tamper-proof, and re-sealable packaging at the point of sale.
  • A multi-serving liquid package must be sealed with a child-resistant cap with an integral measurement component.
  • The adult-use Marijuana and its derived products must be packed in an opaque packaging or an opaque container, mentioning clearly that the package contains harvested Marijuana.
  • All the packages must have Maine’s Universal Symbol for Adult Use Marijuana.
  • All the packages must conform to all other necessary or applicable standards and requirements adopted by rule by the department.

Maine’s Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Prohibitions

In order to avoid last moment challenges and follow full- compliance to Maine’s Cannabis packaging Laws and labeling requirements, you must know the following prohibitions for smooth sailing.

  • The package must not be labeled or packed in a deceptive manner or designed in such a way that attracts an under 21 year’s age audience or kids.              
  • A package labeled or packed in violation of a federal trademark law or regulation or in a manner that would cause a reasonable consumer confusion as to whether the harvested Marijuana was a trademarked product.
  • A package labeled or packed in violation of any other labeling or packaging requirement or restriction imposed by rule by the department.
  • Obscure identifying information on the label or the use of deceptive labels is prohibited. To worry less about logos, use the downloadable versions of the universal symbols available on the Maine Govt. website.
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